Types of Online Slot Machines

Types of Slot Games If you’re a die-hard casino gaming fan then you should already have an idea of different online slot machines which exist in the marketplace. There’s a whole array of different slot games on offer but the most popular ones are: slots, video slots and progressive slots. In this article I will explain the differences between these three types of slots machines and why you should choose one over the other. Slots are a form of gambling and as such there is always a risk involved when playing. This is why it’s important that before you start betting on any slot machine you read up on how it works so you know what to do in case something goes wrong.

Video Slots These are probably the most popular form of online slot machine available because they allow players to win huge jackpots. On video slots all you need to do to start playing is press a button and the machine spins and a random number is chosen. The machine is then linked to a computer system which determines which numbers to spin. As you can imagine with so much money at stake it’s absolutely vital that players learn to recognise the jackpot numbers.

Progressive Slots These are bonuses or added points that can be won by players at the end of a game. Unlike video slots the player has to spin the reels for additional points. These bonuses are not taken from real money but are added by the casinos in order to lure in more players to the gambling sites. With a progressive jackpot players can potentially walk away with hundreds of dollars.